zCEBP-Conference2014-SE-IPS_246p-textSupported Employment/Individual Placement and Support (SE/IPS) is an evidence-based practice that helps people with mental illness identify and acquire part-time or full-time jobs of their choice in the community with rapid job-search and placement services. SE/IPS emphasizes that work is not the product of treatment and recovery. Work is integral to both. These Supported Employment workshops at EBP Conference 2014 still have seats available. Register today! This event is sponsored by the Center for Evidence-Based Practices. Deadline to register is September 30.

  • A-08 | Supported Employment 101: SE Model Overview
  • B-07 | Job Development for People with Legal Backgrounds
  • C-04 | Supported Employment Follow-Along and Job Retention Supports
  • D-06 | The Vocational Profile & Job Development
  • E-06 | Supervising the Supported Employment Team, Part 1: Use of Outcomes
  • F-01 | Employment & Transitional Youth: Planning for the Future
  • F-05 | Supervising the Supported Employment Team, Part 2: Supervising Job Development

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