zCEBP-Conference2014-Keynote_246pRegister for keynote plenary “Trauma-Informed Care: Creating Positive Cultures of Care” at Evidence-Based Practices Conference 2014, which takes place on October 14 & 15 in Cleveland, Ohio. / Trauma has emerged as a hot topic in behavioral healthcare because people in our communities experience it in complex ways, not only as victims of and witnesses to violence, abuse, and neglect in their homes and neighborhoods but also in institutions, such as jails, prisons, and psychiatric hospitals where forced restraints and isolation may be used. In addition, health and behavioral health professionals who provide care to the traumatized often experience the effects (secondary trauma) through the behaviors, stories, and struggles of the people they serve. / Attend this keynote and learn how your organization may reduce the impact of trauma, increase resilience, and much more. / Keynote presenter Raul S. Almazar, RN, MA, is senior consultant to SAMHSA’s Promoting Alternatives to Seclusion and Restraints through Trauma-Informed Practices at the National Center for Trauma-Informed Care (NCTIC). / Keynote presenter Charryse Cooper is an advocate for trauma-informed social work.

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