Invisible Groups in a New Poland(SASS 375C/575)

Program Dates: March 11 – March 19, 2017

Pre-trip seminars January 28 and February 18; post-trip seminar April 8


Course Leaders:

Kathleen Farkas

Richard Romaniuk


Approved for: Global and Cultural Diversity credit, Social Science credit for Engineering students, Social Work Minor credit, Elective Course credit


Course description: This 3-credit course introduces students to Polish culture and Polish social policies and practices concerning disenfranchised, stigmatized and disempowered social groups. The course will encourage students to understand how Poland’s recent political and economic transformations affect society in general, and some groups in particular. The course will focus on how Polish society addresses problems of poverty, homelessness, aging, domestic violence and mental health disorders. In cooperation with the Institute of Sociology at the University of Poznan, students and faculty will use frameworks such as multiculturalism, social integration, feminism and determinants of social exclusion to understand Polish policy responses to various social phenomena. Students will have opportunities to engage government officials, practicing social workers, and some of Poland’s most prominent scholars in conversation. In addition to lectures and workshops, the trip includes guided tours of neighborhoods and social institutions. Cultural events and outings will provide additional insights into Polish society and the Polish people. This course was designed with cooperation from the Institute of Sociology at the University of Poznan.


Tentative schedule (subject to change):


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