ShowCASE 2014 Influence of Early Childhood ServicesThe annual Research ShowCASE of Case Western Reserve University is happening today, Friday, April 19, 2014. Several faculty, staff, and students from the Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development have posters on display relating to projects and studies conducted by the Center.

Center Post-doctoral Fellow Seok-Joo Kim and Senior Research Associate Dr. Elizabeth Anthony are presenting the poster “Influence of Early Childhood Services on Kindergartners’ School Readiness: Integrated Data System (IDS) Approach” co-authored by Center Directors Dr. Rob Fischer and Dr. Claudia Coulton. This project demonstrates how linked early childhood data and primary school data can aid communities in addressing barriers to achieving the third grade guarantee for all children even before they enter kindergarten. The purpose of this project is to address pressing developmental and educational research questions concerning kindergarten readiness.

ShowCASE 2014 Evaluating the East Cleveland Teen CollaborativeSenior Research Associate Dr. Cyleste Collins is presenting “Evaluating the East Cleveland Teen Collaborative” along with Agnes Akite, a field placement student at the Center and Masters student at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences. The East Cleveland Teen Collaborative (ECTC, aka #ecteamhealth), one of eight sites of the Safety Net Enhancement Initiative, seeks to help youth develop skills expected to, in the long term, help teens avoid violence and other health disparities. Dr. Fischer and Persis Sosiak, RN, MPH, are a co-authors on this study as well.

The East Cleveland Target Area Planning Project: Participatory Action-Based Research Developing a Strategic Plan for Community Revitalization” is being presented by Poverty Center field placement student Brenda Mathias, a Masters student at the Mandel School. Center faculty associate Dr. Mark Chupp is a co-author on this study along with Wayne Mortenson, Trevelle Harp, and Joe Mazzola. The East Cleveland Target Area Planning Project, a collaborative effort between Case Western Reserve University, Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope, the City of East Cleveland, and Neighborhood Progress Inc. works towards sustainable community revitalization within the City of East Cleveland. The project utilizes a unique action-based research methodology in understanding the current structural, economic, and social assets of East Cleveland so as to develop a plan of revitalization in lieu of forceful gentrification.ShowCASE 2014 East Cleveland Target Area Planning Project

And Center Faculty Associate Dr. Anna Maria Santiago and doctoral student assistant Eun Lye Lee are co-authors on the poster “Neighborhood Mechanisms Associated with Depression, Anxiety and PTSD Among Latino and African American Youth” presented by Kristen Berg with Dr. Karen Ishler. This poster concerns youth and post-traumatic stress disorder from a study conducted in a Denver neighborhood. Dr. Santiago has previously worked with the Poverty Center on foreclosure issues in Denver.

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