Research from the Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development shows that quality early childhood education is important to child well-being. In Cuyahoga County, expanding access to high quality preschool is a key component in improving child well-being.

The brief Star Rated High Quality Preschool in Cuyahoga County examines the need for and availability of high quality preschool in Cuyahoga County neighborhoods through a series of maps. We find that there are higher concentrations of star rated high quality preschool slots (children that can be served by a preschool site) within the City of Cleveland, especially on the near-west side, and in some inner-ring suburbs. Star rated high quality preschool slots are more scarce in the outer-ring of Cuyahoga County.

To examine the degree to which a community’s need for star rated high quality preschool is met, we compare the neighborhood’s preschool population with the number of star rated high quality preschool slots in the neighborhood. We find many areas of Cuyahoga County have unmet needs; even areas with relatively high concentrations of star rated high quality slots.

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