Artist: Norbert Ziebold

Now on display in the Mandel School Art Gallery, the Angel House Project debuted as part of the Slavic Village “Rooms to Let” event held in Cleveland on May 17, 2014, and was curated by Cleveland artist, James Jenkins.  For this Project, one photograph of a foreclosed or abandoned house from the Slavic Village area was distributed to over 30 local Cleveland artists.  The artist was asked to embellish, renew or transform the photograph of the dwelling into an object of beauty.

Per Jenkins, this Project was “conceived to celebrate the efforts to reclaim for its citizens the historic and formerly troubled neighborhood that had been derided as one of the worst in Cleveland. The work of all the artists involved showcased the way in which artists and ordinary individuals can make a difference in the life of our city. By turning abandoned houses into objects of wonder and beauty…as if that same object had, indeed, been touched, if you will, by an angel.”  It was re-birth of a run-down photography of a dwelling that the individual artist fashioned into a unique, creative and almost fantasy-like piece of art.

June Hund, a librarian in the Mandel School’s Harris Library and curator of the school’s in-house art gallery, has given this group of art works a “second re-birth” by exhibiting them in the school’s in-house gallery.  This group exhibit is captivating, imaginative, and incredibly distinctive as each individual artist.

The following is a list of artists displaying their work at the Mandel School:  Dr. Trease; Joseph Daniel; Anthony & Nina Funk; Slider; Davon Smith; Tony Serna; Nico Pico Train; Art Maffia; Debe Perry; Josh Usmani; Ross Bochneck; Amanda Black; June Hund; Carina Smith; Anneli Curnock; Joseph Hughes; Diane Collins; James Jenkins; Mary J. Roby; John Saile; Norbert Ziebold; Loren Naji; Sophie Poitevien; Scott Pickering; Veronica Solar.

This exhibit is displayed throughout the Mandel School building and runs until December 19, 2014.  The gallery is open and free to the public. Artwork is available for purchase. For further information about the artist, please contact gallery curator June Hund ( or 216-368-0722).

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