Huffpost Live picDirector of the National Initiative on Mixed-Income Communities (NIMC), Mark Joseph,  participated in a HuffPost Live  discussion called “Could Mixed-Income Housing Be Hurting Poor Boys?” on the benefits and challenges of mixed-income communities based on new research from Candice Odgers and colleagues at Duke University. Odgers’s research found boys in mixed-income communities exhibited more antisocial behavior than girls in the same environment and their peers in concentrated poverty.

Joseph argued that, while very important, the study findings need to be put in context of the benefits of moving to a safer, more stable environment with better neighborhood amenities such as schools. He also stated that the findings confirm that the move from a high-poverty community to a mixed-income environment alone is not sufficient for positive resident outcomes to be achieved and additional supports are needed for children and families. NIMC partner, Stephanie Anderson Garrett of The Community Builders, Inc., a national developer of mixed-income communities, also described the benefits of mixed-income housing for residents of their developments, in particular those developments where intensive social services are implemented.

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