The Early Intervention Related Service Training Program (EIRSTP) is a collaborative project between the Department of Communication Sciences at Case Western Reserve University and the Mandel School, where it is directed by Gerald Mahoney, PhD, Verna Houck Motto Professor of Families and Communities.

The program is designed to provide speech-language pathology students and social work students the professional skills needed to become certified early intervention service providers for young, at-risk children or children with disabilities and their families. The interdisciplinary specialty program was funded by a grant from the United States Office of Special Education Programs.

This project addresses the significant shortages of social workers and speech-language pathologists qualified to provide services to children birth to age 5 with disabilities. During each year of the five-year project, four speech-language pathology graduate students and social work graduate students will be accepted into the EIRSTP. The result will be a total of 40 additional related services personnel qualified and credentialed to provide evidence-based services to Ohio’s eligible infants, toddlers and preschoolers in Part C Early Intervention (EI) and Part B Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE).

× “Studying with the speech therapy students provided a unique experience and perspective of combining two schools of thought that I have been able to implement into my current field placement.”

Kaitlin Carden

Trainees receive a stipend and tuition support to attend a summer institute on early intervention, plus tuition support for the following academic year. The first training cohort began in the summer of 2014.

For more information, contact Gerald Mahoney, PhD, Verna Houck Motto Professor at the Mandel School ( or Barbara A. Lewis, PhD, Professor, Department of Psychological Sciences, Communication Disorders program (

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