Hector’s paintings are captivating images that are often abstract. His lively brush strokes and rich deep colors feel like the images burst off the canvas. “Flood 1 and Flood 2” are unique almost disassembled frame structures of houses floating in water. His works, “El Perro Rabioso y el Pato” and “Nomad” enthrall the viewer. He is a prolific artist and always willing to try out new mediums and new ways to express his imagination.

His inspiration for his works are reactions to the environment along with daily life tasks. As child growing up in Guatemala, he was influenced by his surroundings, his father’s political murals, and his mother’s folk art. Moving from Guatemala to New York City helped to nurture and develop his young adult life into a productive adult artist living in the United States. Lara “…brings forth a lament of sorrow, exile and joy of Central America.” Now a resident of Cleveland, he is constantly paving a pathway in the art community for new artists and helps promote and establish new opportunities for them in the Cleveland area.

Hector participates and volunteers with a variety of local organizations including the Cleveland Museum of Art, Chalk Art Festival, Parade the Circle, the Day of the Dead [Dia de Muertos] celebration, Euclid Beach Park events, Spaces Gallery “Monster Drawing Rallies,” and many more.

Stop by the Mandel School Art Gallery and take in the positive energy and perspectives that Hector shares. The gallery is open and free to the public. Artwork is available for purchase by contacting gallery curator June Hund ( or 216-368-0722).

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