Library Catalog: Search by Title

To locate materials in the catalog by title, select Title Search on the main Library Catalog page. In the “Search Input” box type the title. The more words in the title you type, the more specific your search results will be. On the other hand, if you are searching for a very long title, you do not need to type the entire title – just enough to make it unique.

  • You do not need to capitalize or add punctuation.
  • Omit initial articles from titles such as a, an, the, etc.
  • If the title is a unique one, you will get a specific catalog record with information on the call number, location, and status of the book
  • If the title is more “common” (such as Social Work), you will get a list of entries matching your title.
  • To make your selection easier, click on the Extended Display button for additional information regarding the year of publication and location on campus. Click here for an example of a screen showing an extended display.
  • You can also limit the titles by publication year or author to reduce the number of titles you have to look at.
  • If you do not know the exact title, enter selected words from the title as a keyword search.
  • If you type in a title and the screen displays the following message “Your entry would be here” then check the spelling and/or verify the title. If you know you have the correct title, then this message means that Case Western Reserve University does not own the title you are looking
    for. You can then duplicate your search in the OhioLINK catalog to see if the book is owned by an OhioLINK library. If it is, you can have it delivered to Case Western Reserve University for pickup at one of the campus libraries.

If you want to do an additional title search, just click on the Another Search button or type a new heading in the “search box.” If you want to switch to doing an author or subject or keyword search, click on the New Search button.

In the online Library Catalog you can print one record at a time by clicking on the Print icon or you can print, download or e-mail multiple records by marking them for export.

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