Social Work Links

The following websites provide information on a range of social work related issues and include links to other useful sites.

George Warren Brown School of Social Work (GWBSSW)

This site of Social Work Links at George Warren Brown School of Social Work (Washington University, St. Louis, MO) offers a variety of online resources to social workers and those in the social services fields. Examples of subjects covered include: abuse and violence; addiction; adoption & foster parenting; crisis intervention; death and dying; depression/bipolar disorders; gambling; genograms; Latino issues in social work; marriage, family and couples; measurement and assessment scales, and much more.

Guide to Careers in Child and Family Policy

This site covers career opportunities in child and family policy. At the same time it serves to identify organizations in child and family policy that can serve as “information resources” in their own right.  Entry Contributed by Professor Aloen Townsend.

Information for Practice (IP)

“IP is a new, free, resource for social service professionals that is updated daily. The focus is on: professionally relevant stories in the world’s news outlets; new articles in scholarly journals; and new resources appearing in the grey literature (e.g., scientific and technical reports primarily from governments and organizations). The goal of this service is to provide social service professionals with easier access to high quality information that can be used to improve their practice” …G. Holden, IP Editor.

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Social Work Search Engine

This search engine allows the user to click on relevant information topics such as: AODA, child welfare, disabilities, licensing & credentials, NASW, etc. You also have the option of joining the online social work community affiliated with the site by filling in an electronic registration form. Once you do this you can access social work discussion boards or open chat groups.

SWAN (Social Work Action Network)

SWAN, created by the University of South Carolina College of Social Work, is dedicated to promoting technology as an instructional enhancement tool across the social work curriculum. It provides help to social work students, faculty and professionals.

University of Utah, Graduate School of Social Work, Social Research Institute

This address takes you directly to the social work resources section of the School’s web page, which provides links to a range of resources in the following areas: social work megasites, social work academic sites, government resources, professional association sites, electronic journals and newsletters, and social work areas of practice.

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