Year marked by new researchers, grants, and media coverage , both neighborhood and national

IT’S BEEN AN EXHILARATING YEAR at the Dr. Semi J. and Ruth W. Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education and its implementation partner the Center for Innovative Practices (CIP),Begun Center Back Porch from the addition of new research associates to the publication of books and articles to presentations at national conferences and via international webinars. Moreover, administrators, policy makers, legislators, and leaders are increasingly seeking out the centers for advice and counsel. And as the stature of the centers continues growing, it is increasingly becoming a source of perspective and expertise by national and regional media outlets seeking to make sense of violent incidents while searching for solutions as to how to reduce or avoid violent episodes and how to heal from such.

Since making its home in 2011 at Case Western Reserve University’s Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, the Begun Center has become home to over two dozen distinguished professionals, a credentialed confluence of vast scholarship and experience coming from various backgrounds and disciplines.

And while the nature of the Begun CIP work often involves a sense of full-press gravitas – ‘knee-deep’ in areas ranging from all manner of mental health, behavioral health, and substance challenges; kids mired in the juvenile justice system; the opiate epidemic; a range of adult drug and specialty courts; inmates re-entering communities after being released from prison; effective conscientious community policing; safe surrender for fugitives from the law; bullying prevention; suicide prevention; the emotional and mental challenges of youth dealing with epilepsy; human trafficking initiatives – the collegial warmth and generosity of spirit that complements the top-tier research, evaluation, dissemination, and implementation has grown into a pulsating presence that radiates the optimistic possibilities of solution.

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