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Searching for a full text article?

The SocINDEX database provides full text to some articles in PDF and HTML formats and provides direct links to many others; however, other research databases may not give you direct access to the full text of an article or provide a direct link to it.

When this occurs, try the following options to locate the article:

  • Make sure to connect to the campus network with VPN if you’re off campus.
  • Check the Citation Linker in the eJournal Portal.
  • Check the Library and the OhioLINK catalogs and make sure to search by the title of the journal, not the article. Having the volume and issue number handy will make the search a lot quicker, too!
  • Search in Google Scholar by the article title, DOI (digital object identifier) or PMID (PubMed Identifier), which will usually lead you right to the publisher’s website and may give you direct access.
  • Virtual Students – If the article is not available online thorough CWRU or OhioLINK, search for the journal title in WorldCat to see if a library closer to you has it. Once you have located the correct item, type your postal code in the Enter your location search box under Find a copy in the library.
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