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Research Databases – an overview

Research databases are large collections of organized, stored information that allow users easy access. These databases allow you to search by keyword, subject, title and author to find citations, abstracts, or full text articles on your topic.

Why do they matter?

When you use a research database to search for articles related to your topic, it quickly scans thousands of periodicals to find a match for your keywords.

A research database will lead you to online and print periodicals that have articles on your subject. If you couldn’t sort, filter, or search in a database, you would be scanning through mountains of periodicals for appropriate journal articles, a time-consuming and nearly impossible task!

Where can I find them?

You can access them by clicking on the Research Databases tab on the Library Catalog’s homepage, clicking on Find Articles on a Topic on the Harris Library’s homepage, or by bookmarking the direct URL:

Off campus access

Faculty, staff, and students can access all CWRU library resources from off campus by using the Virtual Private Networking (VPN) software and DUO app. Here are the details:

What is VPN?
VPN (Virtual Private Networking) is a small piece of software for your PC or mobile device that enables you, as an authorized user, to connect to the CWRU network from off campus. It permits you to use resources that are reserved only for CWRU students, faculty, and staff.  The VPN software is called Cisco AnyConnect.

When do I need VPN?  
If you are at home or work, you will need to connect to the campus network with VPN to access library databases and journal articles.  Also, if you are using the CaseGUEST wireless network on campus, you must have VPN running to use them and other CWRU-only resources.    

What is DUO?  
DUO is the secondary layer of security needed for using VPN, in addition to your CWRU network ID and password.  It is a smartphone app that provides a numeric code as your “second password” each time you log onto the campus network.  DUO serves as an extra layer of security for accessing CWRU-only resources. 

Where do I find this software?
You can download VPN and DUO, and find instructions on the [U]Tech VPN website at:

I still need help!!
Please contact the [U]Tech Help Desk – it is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week:  or (216) 368-4357.

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