Keyword Search

Searching by keyword is the best option to begin investigating a new topic. It allows the catalog to scan through titles, authors, subjects, and abstracts to match the words typed in the search box.

Search by keyword when you:

  • Begin your research and want to view what information is available on your topic
  • Need to combine two or more concepts
  • Look for a specific phrase
  • Want to compile a list of subject headings related to your topic for additional online searches


Tips for Keyword Searching

  • No need to capitalize any letters in the Library Catalog
  • Use an asterisk (*) to find variant endings of a root word (review search techniques)
  • Use the advanced keywords search to sort by relevance, date, title, and specify a date range
  • Advanced search also lets you limit by library location, type of material (book, projected AV, etc.), and language

Watch the video below to see how both connectors and a keyword search can find information about child abuse and attachment.

Library catalog keyword search

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