Harris Library

Library Characteristics

Libraries have large collections of carefully selected and organized information on an infinite variety of topics. The key idea when using the library is that you are getting quality over quantity compared to using public websites.

When you begin your research in the library you can be confident of finding high quality information from credible sources. Here are some things to keep in mind about libraries:

Information in the library undergoes a review process.

Librarians select books, magazines, journals, databases, and websites that are considered reliable, historically relevant, and valuable.

Library resources are free or discounted for your use.

A large portion of the library budget is spent on purchasing books, scholarly journals, online subscriptions, and other resources that are very expensive. Libraries allow users to access this information for free or at minimal cost.

Library materials are organized.

Items are arranged to permit you to find information on a topic more easily. For example, when you locate a book on a shelf by its call number, you will notice the other books shelved nearby will cover a similar topic.

Library collections are meant to be maintained for a long time.

A primary function of a library is to organize and safeguard information throughout time. Many libraries house books that are no longer published and older issues of magazines as well as very recent publications.

Libraries come with personal assistance.

Libraries have staff who are trained to help you use information resources and answer any questions that you have.

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