Endowed Chairs

Grace Coyle Professorship was created in 1965. Grace Longwell Coyle was a prominent member of the faculty of the School of Applied Social Sciences at Western Reserve University from 1934 to 1962. She was among the first to project and develop a philosophy and rationale of Social Group Work as a Social Work practice. Indeed, her efforts established our School as an elite, pioneering, and nationally ranked school of social work; a distinction that exists to this day. The most recent holder of this Chair, Dr. Elizabeth M. Tracy, retired on June 30, 2018.

Henry L. Zucker Professorship was established in 1985. Henry Zucker was President of the Jewish Community Federation (now Jewish Federation of Cleveland) for twenty-seven years. While heading the organization, Zucker introduced the endowment fund concept for the national Jewish community federation system. His work became a model for others in the field. The Chair, dedicated to advancing knowledge in community-oriented approaches to social work practice, was established in 1985 on the occasion of Mr. Zucker’s 50th anniversary of his graduation from the School of Applied Social Sciences. The current holder of this Chair, Dr. David E. Biegel, is retiring on December 31, 2019.

 Dr. Semi J. and Ruth W. Begun Professor

Grace F. Brody Professor of Parent-Child Studies

Lillian F. Harris Professor of Urban Research & Social Change

Leona Bevis/Marguerite Haynam Associate Professor in Community Development

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Dean in Applied Social Sciences

Leonard W. Mayo Professor in Family and Child Welfare

Verna Houck Motto Professor of Families and Communities, Associate Dean for Research and Training

Ralph S. and Dorothy P. Schmitt Professor