Doctoral Program Faculty

Mandel School faculty is nationally recognized for its leadership in research and scholarship and its extensive portfolio of funded research. Their high-ranking levels of productivity and groundbreaking research impacts upon diverse fields of social work, transforming individuals and communities all over the world. In addition, our four interdisciplinary research centers tackle society’s most difficult and complex issues – from urban poverty to youth violence – and investigate and foster the implementation of innovative and evidence-based practices.

Links to Doctoral Faculty Members:

David E. Biegel

Claudia J. Coulton

David Crampton

Kathleen J. Farkas

Robert Fischer

Daniel  Flannery

Grover C. Gilmore, Dean

Victor K. Groza

Megan Holmes

David Hussey

Mark L. Joseph


Gerald Mahoney

David B. Miller

Sharon E. Milligan

Meeyoung Oh Min

Sonia Minnes

Ann Nguyen

Dana M. Prince

Mark I. Singer

Aloen L. Townsend

Elizabeth M. Tracy

Laura A. Voith

Zoe Breen Wood

“The PhD program at the Mandel School provides exceptional support, care, and motivation for students to become outstanding scholars. It is a place where the faculty truly care about the success of the students and offer a variety of assistance and resources that promote students’ academic and personal growth. The faculty-student mentoring program fosters student learning and development through excellent research, scholarship, and creative initiatives.”

Susan Yoon, PhD 2016, Assistant Professor of Social Work, Ohio State University

“The MSASS program is structured in a way that facilitated my success as a student. The program faculty and staff are accessible, responsive, and provide a high level of support. Having the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with leaders in the social welfare field has been invaluable. Making the decision to pursue a PhD at the Mandel School has had a profound impact on me as a social welfare professional and changed the course of my career.”

-Kelly Davis, PhD 2017

The Doctoral Program provides opportunities for doctoral students to work closely with faculty members on their funded research projects through research fellowships, independent study, and research assistantships.

”Attending the Doctoral Program at the Mandel School is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The faculty members are brilliant and inspiring. They have high expectations but are very encouraging and supportive. They all are generous in their time and attention. Most importantly, they truly care about students’ learning and career development. During my time there, I not only learned how to conduct research and teach, but also had many opportunities to carry what I learned into practice with faculty members’ support. By the time I graduated from the program, I was fully prepared to be an independent researcher and teacher.”

-Ching Wen Chang, PhD 2015, Assistant Professor of Social Work, Chinese University of Hong Kong


“Members of the faculty have facilitated my professional and academic development through mentoring, writing and research opportunities, and service opportunities. The curriculum of the program also played a huge role in my growth as a scholar, as it strengthened my critical thinking skills, sharpened my writing ability, and enhanced my capacity for applying scientific concepts to practice. My doctoral experience has afforded me, a black kid from inner-city Cleveland, the opportunity to serve the communities where as a youth I witnessed and experienced some of the same social and systematic injustices that are prevalent today. ”

-Leon A. Harris III, Current Doctoral Candidate