Begun Associate Director, who has helped facilitate the rise of evidence-based practices, assumes new role at CWRU’s Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences

When talking about the various facets of his work – be it as researcher, teacher, or clinician – David Hussey, Ph.D speaks in full, succinct paragraphs, a soft-spoken chautauqua cadence that allows for following along, for processing, and ultimately understanding by all listening.
David Hussey Profile
And there’s much to listen to. Over the past three decades – through his professional work, through his publications, presentations, and teaching as well as through his role as Associate Director of the Begun Center – Dr. Hussey has at once witnessed and helped facilitate the growth of evidence-based practices (EBPs) in treating some of the most challenging populations, people with comorbidity, employing interventions and treatments for mental health and substance use recovery for which success is measured through rigorous analysis and evaluation.

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“We’re not an ivy tower research group,” says David of the Begun Center and the Center for Innovative Practices (Begun CIP) and the role both have played in helping introduce EBPs, guiding practitioners into correctly implementing new interventions while building bridges among care givers, administrators, and policy makers in making EBPs more the norm. “We’re knee-deep out in various communities working with some fabulous clinicians. And we all learn a great deal from each other through this process.”

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