Melinda is an artist in every sense of the word.  She loves to draw, paint, and collage.  The variety of surfaces she works on include:  paper, wood, sidewalks and even viaducts.  Her work is inspired by subjects such as a city street, building, people and the sky.  She often works on five or six pieces of work at a time.  Not all of her work is planned.  She manipulates images/shapes that serendipitous changes the direction of the piece.  Her painting, Lemon City, is an imaginative combination of medieval looking buildings (almost castle like) that is painted in a yellow hue.   Minimal red brushstrokes outline windows, doors, tower, and chapel.  This yellow city is anchored at the bottom of the piece and is surrounded by stormy skies.  She has succeeded in making a edgy urban city scene in a man-made urban environment.   

“She is inspired by subjects expressing the street and the sky.  Working with imagery such as urban landscapes, rain, airships and roadways, she also incorporates catchphrases overheard while in public or with friends.    Her landscapes often seem as though they are taken from the deepest state of sleep… The final image is discovered through this process, and is not often planned.”  Melinda Placko

Melinda’s art is on exhibit until April 15, 2014.  For further information about the artist or to purchase a piece, please contact: or 216-368-0722.        .

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