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Eileen is a painter with a keen sense of color and composition.   Oil paint is the medium she uses to paint her landscapes, which tend to be more an expression than an actual place.  She uses a palette knife over the canvas, to physically manipulate the thick oil paint that creates the dramatic textural landscapes. However, the organic environment forms often become abstract and surreal.   “My goal for each piece isn’t necessarily to create a realistic or conceptual work but to create a visually dynamic painting that is as unique up close as it is from a distance,” says Dorsey.

Her recent work is influenced by her journeys out West.  Therefore, the color combinations that she uses dictate the direction that her work progresses.  She does not use realistic landscape colors, but the colors she uses light up her works. As she states, “…choosing what color to begin with is one of the more important decisions in my process.”  The composition and colors that she uses are dramatic and worth your time to ponder.

The in-house gallery at the Mandel School is open to the public. Artwork is available for purchase by contacting gallery curator June Hund (

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