Bernadette’s paintings are filled with human expression and passion.  In the painting, Mother  & Child, you experience the tender bonding by the loving embrace and expressions.  The warm burnt umber paint and the soft white cloth around the child, is not only striking by also creates a calming effect.  In her other work, she uses the human figure in both abstract and realistic stances.  Some of her pieces seem like a quick sketch of a figure with minimal use of lines along with the splotches of color and brushstrokes; but these works almost seem effortless, but these compositions are beautiful, but are deliberately planned. 

Bernadette certainly has a gift of a colorist.   “Her paintings deal with people’s emotions and reactions to life’s complexities…dramatic poses invoke the ‘viewer’ to identify with the artist’s observations of individual personalities.”  Bernadette Glorioso

Bernadette’s art is on exhibit until April 15, 2014.  For further information about the artist or to purchase a piece, please contact: june.hund@case.edu or 216-368-0722.

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