Action Magazine Spring 2015Publications, presentations, and coverage of initiatives mark a bounce for the new year

Despite the dormancy that can often define winter, the team of researchers, consultants, and trainers at the Begun Center for Violence Prevention and the Center for Innovative Practices has maintained significant momentum in the early months of 2015, with new published research, online articles, and presentations at upcoming regional and national conferences, all while garnering national and international coverage for the dissemination of its evaluations and analyses.

Begun Senior Research Associate Margaret Baughman-Sladky and Research Assistant Lacey M. Caporale both appeared on the cover of the Winter 2015 issue of the Mandel School’s Action Magazine as part of a cover story entitled, “Battling a Heroin Epidemic.”

The story features Dr. Baughman-Sladkey’s ongoing work with Ohio’s Specialty Courts, which have proven exceptionally successful in reducing the recidivism of first-time drug offenders. This approach is now being used with opiate addicts and offenders. “The heroin epidemic has put us on our tail,” Dr. Baughman-Sladky is quoted as explaining in the article. “There is a completely different criminal justice profile with different treatment needs that require new approaches.”

Beyond the physical and emotional toll on individuals and families, the story notes, is the economic cost to society, where young people can’t hold a job or go to school because of their drug dependency. “Picture individuals in their early 20s, unable to ever contribute to our labor force in a meaningful way due to felony records,” said Dr. Baughman-Sladky. “For them, drug court offers the opportunity to restore their futures. For the criminal justice system, drug court is a new approach to address the already overcrowded and overburdened jails and prisons.”

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