Due to the success of its initial Drug Court, Cuyahoga County is adding an additional drug court next year, part of a growing movement to offer rehabilitation to first-time, non-violent offenders.

Ohio has been at the forefront of this movement that’s using ‘specialty courts’ in order to re-frame the way community justice and prison systems treat circumstances like addiction and recovery in sentencing first-time offenders. Adult Treatment Drug Court

Cuyahoga County to add second drug court | WKSU (10/27/14)

Along the way, the Begun Center has become a nexus for this discussion and collaboration, its research, evaluation, and recommendations sought by increasing numbers of clinicians and policy-makers throughout the Buckeye state.

Report shows Drug Court success in preventing new crimes | Cleveland Plain Dealer (10/16/14)

A prime example of this involves its growing involvement with the specialty courts being created in communities throughout the state, programs like Adult Treatment Drug Court, the practice of treating first-time, non-violent offenders in a way that might better help them recover while reducing recidivism and saving money.

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