Atelier 252” is the name of a community of artists currently exhibiting their oil paintings at the Mandel School Art Gallery.  The 15 artists are connected to Cleveland, residing in and around the western side of Cleveland.  They are: Virginia M. Cascarilla, Nancy Spotts, Udella Spotts, Bitsy Staley, Sophia Papandreas Tjotjos,   Theresa  Weedon, John Weedon, Karolyn Bees,  Janice DeAngelis, Joe McChrystal,  Lynelle Houser, Eileen B. Vernon, Janie Thomas, Karen Doyle and Chaya Swamy.

Their art work is as diverse as their individual life experience. Each artist commands control over their medium, creating art that provokes discussion, provides energy, and positive perspectives.  The variety of works has enlightened the gallery space.  This is “Atelier 252” debut exhibit in the Cleveland area! The in-house gallery at the Mandel School is open and free to the public.

Artwork is available for purchase by contacting gallery curator June Hund (

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