Grace’s art work falls between realism and abstraction. The subject matter that she paints is important. She must have a personally connect to the subject she wants to represent. In other word, there must either be an emotional or psychological connection. She focuses in on the composition and colors as she starts to work. In her painting, “Picnic” she portrays a young woman dressed in colorful clothing enjoying a meal sitting in front of mountain peaks.  She used oil pastel and watercolor on paper.  The mountains may not have existed, but it is her purgative to add scenery that feels appropriate to the work. The pencil drawing “Apple” is supersized and abstract looking until the viewer looks closely at the shape, form and texture to realize it is an apple.

Stop by the Mandel School Art Gallery. Grace’s works are on the first floor. The gallery is open and free to the public. Artwork is available for purchase. For further information about the artist, please contact, gallery curator June Hund ( or 216-368-0722).

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