How to Apply at the Mandel School

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The Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences is currently accepting applications for our graduate degree programs. To apply, you can begin the process with the online application:

Important Deadlines

November 7, 2014 Spring 2015 Admission Online MSSA Program
December 1, 2014 Spring 2015 Admission  MNO – Full and Part-Time Programs
January 15, 2015 Fall 2015 Admission On Campus MSSA Program: Priority consideration for Leadership Fellows full tuition scholarships
April 15, 2015 Fall 2015 Admission On Campus MSSA Program: General scholarship consideration

Components of your MSSA graduate school application for all program options include the following. All information can be submitted online unless otherwise noted:

  • Application form (no application fee)
  • Transcripts from an accredited college or university (must be sent by the registrar of each institution you attended to the Mandel School Admissions Office)
  • Three recommendation letters (preferably from a faculty member, direct supervisor or volunteer coordinator)
  • Personal statement that is exemplary of graduate level writing and substantially covers all requested questions;   3-5 pages double-spaced with no grammatical errors or typos
  • A current resume highlighting your paid and volunteer experiences

Supplemental Materials

In addition, supplement materials must be submitted for both the Online MSSA and the Intensive Weekend Programs. Applicants who wish to earn their social work degree through the Online MSSA program must submit:

  • Field Instruction application
  • Intensive Weekend applications
  • Field Education Proposal
  • Applicant’s current job description
  • Applicant’s current resume
  • Proposed field instructor’s resume
  • Copy of the proposed field instructor’s social work license, if applicable

If you are applying to the Online MSSA you must select “MSSA – Virtual” as your degree in the online application. Likewise, those applying to the Intensive Weekend program must select “MSSA – Intensive Weekend” from the degree drop-down list.

Application Instructions

The application procedure for the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences is a self-managed process with you — the applicant — gathering all supporting materials. Your application, typed personal statement (essay), resume, electronic transcript(s) and letters of recommendation can be submitted using the online application.

Please submit your completed application as soon as possible. The Admissions Committee can review your file with at least 2 references and an unofficial transcript; however, no final decision will be rendered until your application is complete. If test scores are required, they should be sent by the Educational Testing Service directly to the Mandel School (school code: 9511105).

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