Undergraduate Minor in Social Work

Open to all undergraduates at Case Western Reserve University (any major), our Social Work Minor is ideal for any student considering a career in the health industry, government, nonprofits, or education. It helps students to understand and address the most complex social issues of our time, including oppression and privilege, poverty, violence, social justice, alcohol and other drug abuse, and community development. The Social Work Minor offers active, interdisciplinary learning that is practical and applied to real-world settings. Courses can be taken on campus or through our short-term Study Abroad program.

The Social Work Minor requires 15 credit hours. There is not a required course. Courses include:

SASS 284 Oppression and Privilege in a Multicultural Society

SASS 315 Adoption Practice and Policy

SASS 318 Death, Grief and Loss

SASS 325 The Netherlands Social Justice: Health and Violence Prevention

SASS 375B Mental Health Issues and Practice – The Netherlands

SASS 355 Drugs and Youth

SASS 367 Poverty, Wealth Building, and Social Entrepreneurship

SASS 368 Poverty and Children

SASS 369 Social Networking and Community Organizing in the 21st Century

SASS 375/575 Gender and Sexuality Justice-LGBT life/Dutch Culture

SASS 375/575 A Ecuador: Health, Human and Social Development in Ecuador

SASS 375/575 C Poland: Invisible Groups in a New Poland

SASS 375/575 D Guatemala: Community Development Approach to Child Welfare

SASS 385 Social Welfare Capstone

SASS 390 Independent Study

SASS 391 Seminar on Community Needs and Services

Contact the Social Work Minor Advisor:

Dean Grover “Cleve” Gilmore, PhD