School Social Work Master Level Study

The School Social Work Program is designed to train school social workers and provide them with the competencies to practice in a variety of traditional and non-traditional primary and secondary education settings.  Such competencies include assessing the needs of school children, designing and implementing interventions, and making referrals to other professionals and agencies as needed.

The program educates master’s level social work students for practice in school settings.  The program is consistent with State of Ohio regulations and professional standards developed by the National Association of Social Workers.  The program is a cooperative offering between the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University and the Division of Education at Baldwin Wallace University.

Students in the program will complete the Master of Science in Social Administration (MSSA) degree at MSASS with a concentration in Children, Youth and Families.  As part of the MSSA degree, students will complete three education courses at Baldwin Wallace University and one year of supervised field practicum in a school setting. The Division of Education at BW will certify successful graduates as school social workers according to state regulations, after completion of the course and field requirements. The school social work license is granted by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). Requests for licensure may only come from a school or department of education at a college or university. Our exclusive partner for this license is Baldwin Wallace University.


Professional social workers play a vital role in helping school children of all ages. Traditionally, school social workers serve as liaisons between the home, the school, and the community. Since 1907, school social workers have collaborated with teachers and other school personnel in advancing the purposes of education.

School social workers are an important part of the school team, possessing unique interdisciplinary knowledge. School social workers contribute to programs designed for students at-risk due to a variety of factors, including:

  • emotional problems
  • poor self-esteem
  • child abuse and domestic violence
  • poverty and unemployment
  • suicidal behavior, drug and alcohol abuse
  • teen pregnancy and parenting
  • discrimination
  • attendance-related issues

Program Structure

The Pattern of Enrollment forms available from the MSASS Registrar indicate the courses required and their sequencing for full-time, advanced standing and intensive weekend students.  School social work students enroll in three Baldwin Wallace courses, in addition to other required Direct Practice Concentration courses. Intensive Weekend School Social Work students are expected to be able to enroll in regualr full-time program courses as part of their program.

Please refer to the schedule of courses for the BW courses. Exact start and end dates for each academic year are available from BW University.

Application and Registration Procedures for Baldwin Wallace University

  • Complete Baldwin Wallace’s online application for admission to the Graduate Education program. Select CWRU School Social Work as your program of interest.
  • From the BW page, print the School Social Work Enrollment Eligibility form and return it completed to MSASS Student Services for signature approval from MSASS.  Note: the application form must be signed by Sarah Andrews, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Coordinator of School Social Work or Debra Fields, MSASS Registrar.  Student Services has a signature stamp that may be used.  Baldwin Wallace University will accept a faxed copy of the application only when it is faxed from the MSASS Registrar. Baldwin Wallace University will accept a faxed copy of the signed Enrollment Eligibility Form only when it is faxed from the MSASS Registrar to the BW Admission Office at 440.826.2778
  • Once you have received a letter of admission from Baldwin Wallace University, you are generally able to register for BW courses over the phone by contacting Cathy Cross, Program Assistant at 440.826.8582.
  • The current schedule of courses is available on the BW website at
  • Current BW tuition costs are online at
  • BW will bill students; payment is not needed at the time of registration.

Transcripts / Grades

At the end of each Baldwin Wallace term, students must request that BW transcripts be sent to:

Debra A. Fields, MSASS Registrar
Case Western Reserve University
The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences
10900 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7164

Please remember to request transcripts.  Credits will not be automatically transferred.  Transcripts Request Forms can be obtained from the Baldwin Wallace University Registration & Records Office (440.826.2126) or MSASS Student Services.  Baldwin Wallace credits will appear on the CWRU transcript, but will not be reflected in the GPA.

Stay On Track

Your Pattern of Enrollment (POE) is your educational contract with the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School.  If you follow it, you will graduate on time, with your cohort (your classmates) and you will SAVE MONEY!

Financial Aid Tips and Information

Financial Aid packages, which may include scholarships, grants, work study awards, and/or need and non-need based loans, are available for this program through the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School.

Prior to each term, notify the MSASS Financial Aid Office, in writing, of your BW registration and tuition charges. Baldwin Wallace tuition charges will be added to your aid budget and considered in your financial aid package.

School Social Work students ordinarily take courses at Baldwin Wallace (BW) during the spring/summer and fall semesters.  However, if you do not have the resources to pay for the summer BW classes, you may increase your federal loans to assist with paying BW tuition. Because the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School at Case Western Reserve University is your home school, we will process your loan request.  If you want to borrow from the federal loan programs, please follow the three steps below:

  1. Notify the MSASS Financial Aid Office at that you want to borrow from the federal loan programs.  In your email, let us know how many BW credit hours and how many MSASS credit hours you will take during the spring/summer and/or fall semester.  We will notify the Office of University Financial Aid to process your loans to include credit hours outside of MSASS.  Note: The Office of University Financial Aid will begin financial aid processing for graduate students in early May for the next academic year.
  2. Make sure you have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  The FAFSA is available online at  The six-digit federal school code for the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School is E00084.
  3. Also be sure to complete the Case Financial Aid Application.  This application is available on briefCASE.  Go to, click on the link to briefCASE, login using your CaseNet ID and password.
  4. Submit all documentation of income (taxable and untaxed) if required and respond to all requests for additional information.
  5. Accept your financial aid award in briefCASE.
  6. Complete online Entrance Counseling and sign Promissory Notes online if accepting federal loans for the first time.

BW tuition is not billed through Case Western Reserve University and you are responsible for paying them directly.  Financial aid over and beyond the cost of tuition will be issued to you in the form of a refund check.  Checks are issued after the add/drop period each term and will be mailed to your local (current) address in the Student Information System.  If your financial aid exceeds CWRU tuition, you may use your refund check to pay for your BW courses.

If you have questions about BW tuition and payment due dates please contact BW by telephone (440.826.2217).  If you have financial aid questions, please contact Churyl Croone, Director of Financial Aid at 216.368.2827.

Refunds and Refund Advances

Once your loan funds are recieved, the Office of University Financial Aid will apply your funds to your CWRU tuition and fees and them issue a refund check to you.  It is possible to request a refund advance to help with books and other supplies.  Submit a request to the MSASS Financial Aid Office before the beginning of each term.  This check must be picked up at the Cashier’s Office, Yost Hall 127.

Please Direct Financial Aid Questions and Concerns to:

Churyl Croone
Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
Case Western Reserve University
The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences
10900 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7164

Field Placements

Students complete one academic year of field placements in an approved school social work setting.  Generally, placements are available in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, as well as several suburban school districts, such as: Cleveland Heights/University Heights, Shaker Heights, Parma Heights, Beachwood, and South Euclid/Lyndhurst.  School placements are also available in private and vocational schools, among other school-based sites.  A list of current placements and field instructors can be obtained from the Field Education Office.

Placement Process

Students complete the field education placement forms, which ordinarily are distributed to all first year students during the Spring semester.  Students should indicate that they are in the School Social Work Program.  The Field Education Office will provide information on interviewing sites.


School Social Work students receive field advising from an MSASS field faculty advisor and recieve field instruction and supervision from an approved on-site field instructor.

Paid Field Placements

Since school hours are shorter than most other agencies’ hours, you can include other assignments, research, or special projects assigned by your Field Instructor and included in the learning contract as part of your field hours.  Please contact your field advisor to discuss what is acceptable.  Your field faculty advisor must approve any extra hours that you may need to meet the minimum field requirements.

Application for Licensure

At the completion of the program, the following should be sent to:

Sarah Rosenberg, Licensure Specialist
Division of Education
Baldwin Wallace University
275 Eastland Road
Berea, Ohio 44017
  • A Letter from MSASS (signed by Sarah Andrews, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, and Scott Wilkes. Director of Field Education) verifying that you completed all of the course and field experience requirements.  This is sent from the Office of Academic Affairs.  Note: The MSASS Registrar authorizes this letter only after all BW University course credits have been transferred to MSASS.  Upon completion of all BW courses, students must request transcripts to be sent to the MSASS Registrar.  Credits are not automatically transferred.  Please make sure we have your current address.
  • An Application Form: an ODE application form must be filled out (available from BW Division of Education or online at the Division of Education). You must have a $200.00 money order or check (no cash) payable to Treasurer, State of Ohio.
  • Fingerprinting: Valid FBI and BCI Background Checks are required for licensure. Candidates may complete fingerprinting services with any area provider. Paper copies of the report should be sent to Baldwin Wallace University and electronic copies should be sent directly to the Ohio Department of Education.
  • Official Transcript.  Transcript Request Forms can be obtained at MSASS Student Services and BW Office fo Registration & Records (440.826.2126).  You will need to have official transcripts of all your college work taken for the School Social Work Program (both BW and MSASS courses) sent with the application for licensure.
  • A copy of your Final Field Education Experience Evaluation from MSASS.
  • You will need to have completed the licensing exam for a social work license and have your license in order to apply for the pupil personnel license in social work from ODE.



Debra Fields,
Churyl Croone,
Director of Financial Aid
Sarah Andrews,
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and
Coordinator of School Social Work
Scott Wilkes,
Director of Field Education
Nancy Neuer,
Field Education Faculty
Harris Library

Baldwin Wallace

Dr. Karen Kaye,
Chair, Divison of Education
Dr. Joseph J. Hruby
Director of Advanced Programs
Cathy Cross,
Program Assistant
Admissions Department
Cashier’s Office
Transcript Request
Ritter Library
Ritter Library

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