Community Practice for Social Change

Pattern of Enrollment

For all patterns of enrollment please see the Mandel School Office of the Registrar’s page on patterns of enrollment.

If you are passionate about social change, the Community Practice for Social Change (CPSC) concentration is ideal for you. Offered in the MSSA on campus (including Intensive Weekend) and in the MSSA online, CPSC is a macro social work concentration for graduate students who want to improve individual and community well-being and focus on promoting social change and social justice. CPSC students and graduates develop an understanding of the context of social challenges and difficult human problems while making a visible impact on people and their communities.

The Community Practice for Social Change concentration will prepare you to lead comprehensive, social change on a broad scale. It addresses a wide range of issues, including

  • globalization
  • poverty
  • inequality and oppression
  • cultural diversity
  • women’s issues
  • human rights

The Community Practice for Social Change concentration is committed to building knowledge, real-world skills and social work values. CPSC students master skills for roles and careers that address emerging social issues, including:

  • community organizers
  • leaders of community-based / human service organizations
  • program developers
  • social planners
  • evaluators
  • researchers
  • policy makers


What is CPSC?

Community” – Often designated by geographic boundaries; also extends to shared interests, backgrounds or affiliations

Development” – The process of increasing physical, economic, social, cultural and spiritual assets of a community

Social Development” – A primary focus on the social processes that enable individuals and families to achieve and sustain a higher standard of living

Community Building” – A strategic focus on building networks and capacity among individuals and organizations

More information about the program and the curriculum can be found here.

CPSC Field Placement Opportunities

Field Education is an integral part of the degree program at the Mandel School. Students complete their advanced field placements in approved field settings that provide opportunities to practice roles in leadership, management, program development, community building and community organizing. Graduate students collaborate with non-profit, community-based and government organizations while working on their degree coursework. For more on field placements, check out our list of affiliated agencies for CPSC.


CPSC Faculty


Mark Chupp, PhD
Claudia Coulton, PhD
David Crampton, PhD
Victor Groza, PhD
Rob Fischer, PhD
Deborah Jacobson, PhD
Mark Joseph
David Miller, PhD
Sharon Milligan, PhD
Regina Nixon, PhD
Zoe Breen Wood, PhD