Evaluations of the Social Welfare Doctoral Program at the Mandel School

Brief Findings from the 2007-2008 External Review

The Mandel School: A Top Ten School

This program is wonderful; it is both internally supportive and externally competitive. I have learned to think critically and examine policy and practice on a deeper level.

  • The Mandel School is ranked #1 in Ohio and # 10 out of 182 school nationwide in U.S. News & World Report
  • A survey of NASW members ranked the Mandel School as #3 (Green, Baskind, Fassler, Jordan 2006).
  • The Mandel School also has been ranked #7 in faculty scholarly productivity by Academic Analytics
  • The Mandel School doctoral program retention rate is 88%; we support students along the way so they can complete the degree
  • A recent evaluation of the Mandel School doctoral program showed that nearly half (46%) of all our doctoral students publish while they are in the program
  • On average, Mandel School doctoral students conduct 2.6 research presentations at regional, national, and international conferences.  48% of currently enrolled students received travel funds from the program to present at and attend conferences
  • During the 2007-2008 AY, Mandel School doctoral students presented at the Council on Social Work Education Annual Program Meeting, the Gerontological Society of America, and Society for Social Work and Research
  • 72% of currently enrolled Mandel School doctoral students gain teaching experience by teaching in the Mandel School master degree program
  • Over three fourths of students are highly satisfied with the availability/accessibility of faculty
  • Most full-time doctoral students in the Mandel School doctoral program complete coursework and dissertation in 5 or 6 years
  • 21% of recent graduates completed their degree in 4 years or less
  • Three fourths (76%) of Mandel School doctoral program graduates are employed in university based tenure track faculty, research or administrative positions; other students are in post doctoral work, or non profit organizations
  • Current doctoral students chose to come to the Mandel School doctoral program due to Mandel School rankings, financial support and the quality of doctoral faculty
  • Responses to an on-line doctoral student survey reveal that quality of faculty and faculty research are by far considered to be the greatest strengths of the Mandel School doctoral program