Letter to Prospective Students of the Social Welfare Doctoral Program at the Mandel School


I am delighted in your interest in doctoral education.

The Doctoral Program at the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences offers excellent preparation for careers in social welfare research, policy and teaching. Our program enjoys a diverse and talented faculty committed to doctoral education, a strong program of research in a variety of areas of concern to social workers and a curriculum that prepares social work leaders who demonstrate competency in social welfare theory, research and teaching. The typical student in our program will work closely with a faculty mentor throughout his or her doctoral training; will have hands-on experience in various phases of the research process; will have opportunities to learn and practice teaching skills; will develop presentations for national professional conferences and be actively involved in writing and publication. In addition to coursework, there are a variety of supports for career development and preparation for leadership in the profession: an assigned faculty advisor from the beginning of each student’s study; regular workshops on professional writing and publication; practice and preparation for job interviews and colloquia presentations of dissertation research. We consider this individual investment in our doctoral students an investment in the future of the social work profession.

I encourage you to explore the Mandel School and Doctoral Program website. Please call (216) 368-2308 or email me at david.biegel@case.edu or Department Assistant Helen Menke  (helen.menke@case.edu) with questions or to talk about your interest in doctoral education.


David E. Biegel, Ph.D.
Chair of the Doctoral Program
Henry L. Zucker Professor of Social Work Practice
and Professor of Psychiatry and Sociology