Financial Aid and Fellowships

Tuition Waivers

We offer full time students a 100% tuition waiver covering all coursework and six hours of dissertation research credits. Part-time students receive a 75% tuition waiver for all coursework and for six hours of dissertation research credits provided by the doctoral program or by the doctoral program in combination with the student’s employer if applicable.

Doctoral students may also be able to receive additional tuition waivers for dissertation research credits through serving as teaching assistants for doctoral methods courses or for serving as research assistants on faculty members’ funded research projects.

Research Fellowships

Full time students are guaranteed a stipend of $18,000 for each of the first four years of doctoral study. This fellowship provides individualized training in social work research methods with a faculty member closely matched with the student’s research interests.

Research Mentorships

Students can apply for a mentorship in research. The mentorship provides stipends for students to work with faculty mentors on research projects. The amount of the stipend is based on annual available funding.

Teaching Mentorships

Students can apply for a mentorship in teaching. The mentorship provides opportunities for students to work with faculty mentors in a course.

Conference and Advanced Methods Workshop Travel Awards

The doctoral program encourages its students to participate in a variety of scholarly activities, including the dissemination of research and other knowledge pertaining to social welfare and human services. We award travel grants to students who have presentations accepted for a professional conference, nationally and/or internationally and are listed as a conference presenter on the program or for students who have registered to participate in an advanced methods workshops.

Additional Financial Resources for Students

Financial supports are also available for students who teach masters courses at the Mandel School, serve as teaching assistants for doctoral program methods courses, serve as staff on faculty members’ funded grants, or serve as research assistants at one of the Mandel School’s research centers.