The Mandel School: Quality Education for Today’s Students and Professionals

When you need quality education from a leader in social work, consider the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences. At the Mandel School, we offer master’s and doctorate programs, as well as online learning, professional development, and study abroad coursework. Our strengths include: Mandel School students

  • dual-degree programs in social work/law, non-profit management, business administration , public health , and bioethics
  • intensive weekend courses for working professionals
  • specialized concentrations in direct practice, community development and more
  • a non-degree program for students, who are considering their options

The 8 Abilities

The MSSA curriculum is built solidly on the school’s groundbreaking Ability Based Learning Environment (ABLE). The Mandel School faculty members have identified eight abilities needed for competent practice at the level of master’s degree programs. All of the classroom courses, field education and other learning opportunities in a student’s social science program are all intentionally designed to help him or her develop and demonstrate competence in these abilities.

Master’s and PhD Programs

Albert EinsteinChoose from a variety of practice settings when earning your MSSA in social work. Or consider the Mandel School for your Doctor in Philosophy degree where you’ll receive an outstanding education from one of the world’s premiere institutions. Check out our admissions page for more details.

Our programs of study prepare scholars, teachers, practitioners and policy makers. Through research projects and field work, we’ll teach you how to develop creative solutions that transform the lives of people here and around the world.

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